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    The sunset today was exceptional. Always take time to praise a bit of...


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The sunset today was exceptional.
Always take time to praise a bit of nature errday. Even if for 5 seconds (sometimes i admire trees i’m driving past and miss my turning) or even better, a good 10 minutes.


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Harper’s Bazaar x Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2017 Styling Event

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Blog Header-Faridah
Well, here we are in June: I can’t believe how quickly this year dissolved. It’s been a crazy year so far, a great year, a full of many things year. A lot has happened. Juggling my increasing work responsibilities alongside my ever-expanding distractions has been tough. I have forbidden myself to go out this long-weekend. Life energizes me in ways I cannot explain, it’s invigorating, but also absolutely flustering. As soon as I catch my breath, I am breathless for something new all over again. I am always half in love with something or somewhere every week.

Speaking of something new, I was at the Harper’s Bazaar x Marc Jacob’s Spring/Summer 2017 styling event at the Marc Jacobs boutique in KLCC. When I think of Marc Jacobs, I always imagine something fun and colourful. I mean, who could ever forget the iconic Mouse Flats? Remember those? LOVE! The S/S 2017 did not disappoint. It’s a collection that celebrates music, art and youth. A plethora of colours, prints and everything in between. For this collection, Marc Jacobs collaborated with artist Julie Verhoeven (their last collaboration was for the Lous Vuitton S/S 2002 collection when Marc was Creative Director) where she is enlisted to create patchworks and embroidery for the clothes. There are pieces of it everywhere – pills, rainbows, castles, hair dryers, rainbow-coloured teeth, rabbits, lips, and the skyline of New York.

Marc Jacobs branded desserts were served;
Verhoeven’s patchwork of pills on the Marc Jacobs denim skirt;
denim patchwork sling bag with Veerhoeven’s patchworks;
cute orange platform sandals and this season’s must-have bag.

Mughni – Fashion Stylist & Writer at Harper’s Bazaar,
Baby and Amy Yasmine – Fashion Editor at Harper’s Bazaar;
Afiq, Baby and Kayda;
Kittie Yiyi wearing Marc Jacobs S/S 17 rugby jersey, denim skirt and sling-bag and Kayda trying on a Marc Jacobs t-shirt.

L-R: Nadine Ann Thomas, Miss Malaysia 2010;
Baby tries on the Marc Jacobs orange platform sandals. LOVE!;
Narisa Soraya and friend.


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La DIDA @ Slate, The Row this weekend!

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As you may or may not know, DIDA Cosmetics is a local company founded by two beautiful friends, Tengku Chanela Jamidah and Didie Nasir. In conjunction with their first anniversary as a cosmetics line, they will be having a party-styled market called La DIDA happening this weekend.


The La DIDA event will be featuring a specially-curated and handpicked list of vendors such as THAVIA, UMMA, NITA, SUEKA SUEKA, SHALS, KURATOR and MEDIUM RARE STORE to name a few. The ladies at DIDA started this event as a platform for local brands to showcase their products creating an installation-based experiential retail environment with games and activities to match. This event will be the first in a series, La DIDA Volume 1.

Look forward to fashion, music, arts, good food and promoting a healthy and positive lifestyle! They believe that all Malaysians should be given a platform to showcase their products and their goal is to create a memorable event.

With more than 30 participating vendors, even if you don’t go home with a new Raya outfit or piece of art, you will most definitely leave with a new impression of what it means to shop at La DIDA. There will be tons of activities and prizes to be won.


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ARTDECO Paradise Island & Japanese beauty products

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Tried out some of ArtDeco’s latest collection for an event last week >


I applied the bronzer a little too low and got it much better this week! (but didn’t have time to snap a nice pic)


ARTDECO Paradise Island collection


Ombre Lipstick – Left: 33 Violet Vibes | Right: 23 Trouble in Paradise


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There’s no taste like home

Comments (1) Food, Food, Drinks & Desserts

I’m so lucky to have eaten 3 home-cooked meals across 48 hours of weekday. I say this because i usually get a mom-cooked meal once a week, twice if i’m really lucky! (and almost always on weekends)

This week i’m beyond lucky!

I admired Mima’s (Baby‘s mother) buka puasa spread on her instastories last weekend, and Mima packed me siput sedut and curry fish to eat! Such an opportune time too cos work has been cray and just heating / steaming it was all i managed to do!



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